Every organization has a beginning, an adventure, a story...

This is ours.

We often encourage others to follow the path that we would choose if we had their gifts and skills.  So, is it really any wonder that this one chose to follow the pack?  When the choice is between following the road ahead or struggling to forge a new path…The road – that flat, reassuring road – could be seen for miles.  In the other direction, there were jungles and mountains and no roads to be seen.

The logical choice was paved.  Wasn’t it?

Yet, somehow, she became lost without ever straying from the road – that flat, boring road.  Eyes forward, instincts ignored, one foot in front of the other, she moved further and further from the places she truly wanted to go.

Until one day, a birdsong caught her attention. It was beautiful and uninhibited.  She waited too long and when she finally looked up, the song was over and the bird was already gone.  Feeling more lost than ever, she returned to the road - that flat, blank road - and saw that the pack was already moving past her. It was as if they hadn’t heard the bird at all.

Suddenly, her surroundings came into focus and she recognized the jungle and the mountains that she had nearly forgotten.  The vast distance that she had traveled had somehow taken her closer than ever before. Though she could not have charted this course had she tried, she was never truly lost.

You know our story.  Let's tell yours.