It's a gift to be able to give.

Before we ever signed our first client, we committed to give away whatever time, resources, or funds we could reasonably afford each month.
Our clients are an important part of that.  Even if they don't know that we allocate resources towards others, they have made those resources possible.   Many of our clients have set an example we aspire to as they are changing the world through their participation in the lives of individuals and local non-profits.
Thank you for not only allowing us to do what we know we must, but reminding us why it is so important.

We have all seen something over and over and thought, "I'm not sure why, but this is significant."  Reset has been like that for us.  Our hearts connected to their cause when we first learned of them several years ago and we are so grateful that we can finally be a small part of the big things they are doing.

Reset recognized that people struggled to overcome drug addiction, poverty, and crime in part because they lacked the tools to do so.  They are equipping people for a better life and getting a front row seat to radical life change. We could go on, but really, you should see for yourself.

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When our friend's son was placed in the Critical Care Unit after an accident, we saw and heard of the many ways the people at Riley went above and beyond for the families in their care.

Working to ensure not only that kids are able to receive treatment at Riley Hospital, the Riley Foundation also works to provide a full life for kids at Camp Riley, an annual summer camp program lets children with physical disabilities experience life without limits.

Logan did not get to go home, but thanks to Riley, many kids will.

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