Are you ready for the holidays?

Happy holidays! Are you ready? If not, let’s get you there!


Communication and planning are top priority.  You probably already know what your business is doing and when, but have you considered communicated these items to your marketing team?  We often get overlooked in the hustle and bustle of the season, so here are a few examples of things we need to know:


  • Closed or Abnormal Operating Hours - Whoever maintains your website, Google My Business, and Facebook pages needs to know if your hours will be different, even temporarily.  We will update that info in the appropriate places to ensure you don’t have any disgruntled customers when you return.


  • Company Parties - Capture a few pictures at your company events and pass them along to your marketing team.  They add personality to your Facebook page and give you a chance to brag on your team. If you’ll be too busy drinking eggnog, ask us about sending out someone to capture the festivities.


  • Charitable Work - We know that you don’t like to brag on yourself, but the good work you are doing in your community is worth mentioning.  Let your team know what you are up to and they can find ways to share without sounding like a showoff.


  • Specials - Just because Black Friday is over doesn’t mean the sales are over.  If you are ever running any specials, whether or not it is the holiday season, make sure everyone on your team - from the person answering the phone to the person managing your website - is aware.   


  • Cards, Emails, and Gifts - If you want to send more than just a Hallmark card or fruit basket to your clients, colleagues, or supporters, we can help you come up with something unique to your brand and your intended audience.


This should get the wheels spinning and trigger some ideas of things you may have forgotten to communicate.  Of course, whether you are working with us or someone else altogether, the people representing your business to your customers need to be in the loop year round.  If there is anything SEO Unpacked can do to make this season a little brighter, you know where to find us.