Our Favorite Instagram Accounts to Follow

Instagram is a great social media tool to feel caught up in the moment of all the wonderful content creators out there. But getting started with Instagram can be a challenge. Do you just follow all the people you already have as friends on Facebook? You can, but if you’re seeing their content somewhere else, why not make Instagram a place for something different? Fill your feed with some great local images and people from around the world!




There’s a whole series of these for different cities, but being in the Midwest, we get a kick out of some of the things that come in in far flung Los Angeles, sometimes fitting the stereotypes so many people around here have of LA, and sometimes proving that we’re really not so different. There have been a few attempts to launch an Overheard Cincinnati account, but so far none of them have really taken off, we’re holding out hope that will change soon!


Our favorite post: Life advice from LA driving


Chowdown Cincy


We love our town, and we love food, so Chowdown Cincy’s account tracks some of the best local restaurants in the Greater Cincinnati area. Chowdown highlights great spots form all over the area, so you’re not stuck with just places in OTR or some other neighborhood that you never get the chance to visit. Instead, you’re bound to find some new gem in your area you haven’t been to before.


Our favorite post: This chicken and waffles plate



We’ll let you in on a little secret. We’d rather be at the beach. It doesn’t matter when you’re reading this, or where we happen to be at the time, we would rather be at the beach. Unfortunately, life doesn’t always allow for that sort of thing, so instead we have Instagram accounts like Discover Ocean, which has breathtaking underwater photography to let you enjoy the beauty of the ocean.


Our favorite post: This adorable seal, we love it’s eyes!



Pretty much just what the name implies, this account posts memes and other images that are just good cute fun. If you’re having a down day, this is a great page to pull up and just look through the images until you feel that cheering sensation solving your mood.


Our favorite post: This kitten and baby duck cuddling


Love The Cov


Covington is a town that’s close to our heart with great restaurants, classic architecture, friendly people, and gorgeous views of the Ohio River, and this Instagram account shows all the wonderful things you can find around town. It’s all too easy to drive by Covington on the 71/75 interstate, never paying any further attention to this hidden gem of a city. Love the Cov shows you just what you’ve been missing.

Our favorite post: This beautiful view of the Cincinnati skyline




This account goes through fun little office toys and kinetic art pieces and explains the physics behind them. Even if you never buy any of the toys they feature, just watching the videos of the toys and reading the explanation will let you pass the time feeling entertained and informed!


Our favorite post: This do it yourself battery and magnet toy