Creatopy or Canva

I recently created a free account on the website, Creatopy. Creatopy is an online graphic design tool that allows you to create and upload ads to various networks like Google Ads and Facebook. If you currently use Canva for this work, there are quite a few similarities and differences.


Both sites allow you to create custom graphics using drag and drop templates and elements. The content they provide as far as stock images and features seems pretty similar. You can upload images, create and store specific branding (like color schemes, fonts and logos) and you can even add animation features. Canva and Creatopy are both fairly intuitive as far as user navigation and you can set up teams to share designs and communicate within the sites in real time.


There are, however, some differences.  Both sites allow you to animate features of ads, but Creatopy has a lot more customizable options, although they are unavailable with the free account. When I use Canva, I have to download the image to my computer and then upload it to whatever platforms I need. If different sites require different sized images, I have to copy and adjust the graphic and download it again. Creatopy allows you to create ads in multiple sizes all at once, using an algorithm that will adjust your image accordingly. From there, you can upload the graphic directly to the network of your choice. Another benefit of Creatopy, is that you can use a CSV to import your content in bulk automatically. This could potentially be a huge time saver. 


The last difference is cost. Depending on the size of your team, Canva could be much more affordable with Pro Team pricing at $149.90/year. This covers up to 5 people. Creatopy has an Automate plan at $34/month per designer, which would end up costing $2,100 annually for a team of 5, although they do have customizable pricing through consultation.


Both of these tools are easy to use and create effective graphics even for untrained designers. Depending on your business's design needs, team size and budget, you can look at the benefits of each and decide which site would make the most sense for you.